Work Package 1: State-of-the-art and Consolidation
  • Cornerstone of the project
  • Will identify a range of resources
  • Collate and analyse existing data
  • Deliver key overviews, reports, summaries and data
  • Links to relevant legal frameworks in respective MSs
  • Food authenticity status reports for several specific countries and commodities
Leader: Vincent Baeten (CRA-W, Belgium)
Work Package 2: GAP Analysis and Prioritisation
Using data generated by WP1 to carry out a GAP analysis to
  • Compare the state-of-the art between different countries, regions and commodities, and
  • Compare the current state of affairs with a desired state of affairs.

The researchers and funders will use the results of the GAP analysis to identify complementarities between activities at the member states and international levels, and to identify funding needs to bridge the gap(s).
Future research priorities will be formulated where the urgent need for boosting existing in the field detection and testing is balanced against member states budgetary constraints and optimum sampling strategies.

Leader: Saskia van Ruth (DLO-Wageningen University and Research centre, The Netherlands)
Work Package 3: Driving implementation and integration of the Authent-Net
  • Pivotal part of the project
  • Expand the network
  • Facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange

Address a lack of common language in the area by developing a standard with terms and definitions which are essential for any cooperation at member states and international levels and issue a white paper highlighting the rationale for ERA-NET in the area of food authenticity.

Leader: Chris Elliott (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
Work Package 4: The Food Authenticity Research Network Hub (FARNH)
  • Facilitate the exploitation of project results through the development and maintenance of a the FARNH (a web-resource which will aggregate a wide range of food authenticity data, generated by WP1, WP2 and WP3)

The Hub will be a main tool not only for funding bodies, but also for researchers, lawyers, regulators, etc. seeking to improve coordination of research, databases and approaches for verification of food authenticity, ensuring integrity and traceability along the food chain and across European countries.

Leader: Petter Olsen (Nofima AS, Norway)
Work Package 5: Dissemination and Communication
  • Raise awareness of the action
  • Facilitate engagement
  • Support knowledge exchange and improved communication
  • Promote project outcomes between funding bodies and other stakeholders
Leader: Jana Hajslova (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic)
Work Package 6: Coordination and Management
Ensure dynamic and efficient project governance by:
  • Managing
  • Monitoring
  • Structuring

Deal with ethical aspects (potential misuse/dual use of project outputs, gender action plan) and the action coordination

Coordinator: Paul Brereton (FERA Science Ltd, UK)

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