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vlnkaFinal Authent-Net Stakeholder Workshop

vlnkaFood Authenticity Research Network Hub (FARNHub) available on-line

vlnka2nd Authent-Net e-Newsletter


vlnkaAuthent-Net Kick-off meeting
7-8 April 2016, UCT Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Agenda of the meeting
Photos from the meeting

vlnka1st Authent-Net Funders Workshop
6-7 October 2016, Food Safety Authority (FSAI), Dublin, Ireland

Agenda of the meeting
Photos from the meeting

Presentations from the meeting:
  • Introduction to Authent-Net (Paul Brereton, Fera Science Ltd., UK) (pdf)
  • Overview of funding priorities and needs across Europe (Sarah J Helyar, QUB, UK) (pdf)
  • What will I get from Authent-net: A funder’s perspective (Lucy Foster, Defra, UK) (pdf)
  • Funders Discussion Feedback (pdf)

vlnka2nd Authent-Net Funders Workshop
15-16 March 2017, JRC, Geel, Belgium

Agenda of the meeting
The aim of the workshop was to evaluate the gaps and complementarities in the European funding of food authenticity R&D and assess them against the international landscape.

Photos from the meeting

Presentations from the meeting:
  • Introduction to Authent-Net (Paul Brereton, Fera Science Ltd., UK) (pdf)
  • Partnership – collaboration with impact (Lucy Foster, Defra, UK) (pdf)
  • Authent-Net: Collaboration in Research on Food Fraud and Food Authenticity (Ninca Wentzel, Ministerie van Economische Zaken, MINEZ, The Netherlands) (pdf)
  • Authent-Net: A Real Resource (Peter Whelan, Food Safety Authority Ireland, FSAI, Ireland) (pdf)
  • Horizon 2020, Public-Public Partnership: ERA-Net Co-fund (Mike Collins, SCAR) (pdf)

vlnkaAuthent-Net Mid-Term Conference
11-12 May 2017, Parma, Italy

Agenda of the meeting

Photos from the meeting

Authent-Net project held its mid-term conference on 11th and 12th May 2017 at the Starhotels Du Parc in Parma, Italy. Both consortium partners and several associated funder partners attended the meeting.
The objectives of this 2nd meeting of the consortium were:
  • To track the progress of all work packages ensuing that the overall aims and objectives of Authent-Net are met
  • To further form synergies and collaborative working/networks
  • To get feedback from Member State funding organisation representatives/stakeholders on their views of how the project has addressed their needs so far and how to further improve on this in the next year
  • To be evaluated by the EU Commission on the progress of the project so far

vlnkaKick-off meeting for the standardization process
"Authenticity in the feed and the food chain - General principles and basic requirements"
11 May 2017, Parma, Italy

Agenda of the meeting
Information on registration can be found here.

Food Authenticity Conference hosted by FSAI
Food Authenticity Conference
Date: 05-06 October 2017
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Location: The Conference Centre, Dublin Castle, Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland

FSAI are hosting the Food Authenticity Conference to share national and international learnings on how regulators, authorised officers, the food industry, food scientists and academia can work in collaboration to protect the authenticity and integrity of the food supply chain.

The conference is an opportunity to bring together all stakeholders to examine current issues around the authenticity and integrity of our food, the public health implications and effective

Please follow the link below to view the conference website:

Or click HERE for the conference programme.

Registration is now open.

Funder Closed Meeting
28 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Agenda of the meeting

vlnkaFinal Authent-Net Stakeholder Workshop
21 February 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Agenda of the meeting

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